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I’ve been called an idiot plenty of times in my life; I’ve been called a lot worse actually.

But anyway, this time I’m being called an idiot because of what I’ve done on Amazon.

Andy, what have you done on Amazon?

I’m glad you asked. I’ve only gone and dropped the prices of all my books to 99pence/99cents. And worse, I’ve done it for five days.

You see, the big giveaway I have running on Goodreads is due to end on the 19th August (that’s a giveaway of signed paperback versions of A Long Time DeadStealing Elgar, and No More Tears – already well over a thousand people have entered), and I thought it’d be a good idea to have a promotion on the ebooks to coincide with it.

But wait… there’s more!

For the last time, I’m giving away free ebooks of A Long Time Dead and The Third Rule – Part One: Atrocities.

This might seem crazy when you consider the entire catalogue is now less than four quid compared to the normal price of nearly eleven. I know, I know, I’m an idiot, remember?

Go on then, why are you doing this, Andy?

Hey, that’s another great question. I want to use an additional ebook distributor for A Long Time Dead, which means Amazon isn’t my exclusive distributor, which means I have to take the book out of Select – so no more freebies I’m afraid.

Anyway, here’s a little breakdown (no, haven’t had mine yet!)…

15th August until 19th August

A Long Time Dead is free on Amazon as an ebook

Stealing Elgar is only 99p/99c

No More Tears is only 99p/99c

The Third Rule – Part One: Atrocities is free too

The Third Rule – Part Two: Running Scared is only 99p/99c

The Third Rule – Part Three: Sacrifices is only 99p/99c

The Third Rule – The Complete Story is only 99p/99c

Black by Rose is only 99p/99c

So, in the words of my old mum, ‘Get it while it’s hot!’