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Knavesmire - Page One

Knavesmire – Page One

Knavesmire was another pre-90s book. In it, I explored what would happen in a small village if past and present merged.

Rossy and a group of other kids became embroiled with an evil knight and battled with a madness that had been captured and released in medieval Navesmyr.

I loved writing this story, and because it was one of my first, I had no feeling of constraint, no timetable to work to and no peers to impress. I was free to explore, and that’s precisely what I did. I felt very proud of myself when I’d completed it (I’m guessing it was somewhere around 180k – 200k words), and sent it out to several agents and publishers. Of course, only bad news came back, but it was a very worthwhile adventure along the beginnings of my writing apprenticeship. I have very fond memories of Knavesmire.


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