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Beth – A Short Story Featuring CSI Eddie Collins

Beth is a bit of a fib, really.

I wrote this short story for a very good friend of mine way back in 2011, as a thank you for being there when frankly no one else was. I won’t lumber you with more detail than that. Suffice to say, the title was different.

Kuf1That person then suggested I used a renamed version for an anthology that one of my favourite forums, the UK Kindle Users Forum, was producing, entitled Off The Kuf 1. Since I was hard at work on Black by Rose at the time, I thought this was a splendid idea. Beth was reborn.

Eddie Collins this time was the sidekick in the story, and the leading role was played by Beth, who at the time was about to celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary. Except work kept getting in the way.

That ‘work’ was a murder scene that quickly became two murder scenes, which, with Eddie’s help, she solved and handed the murderer on a plate to a rather dumbfounded and annoying Inspector Benson (remember him?).

I enjoyed writing Beth, and felt it condensed a fairly decent crime scene into just a few thousand words. Hope you enjoy it too.

I recently tried to find this on Amazon and had no luck. Would you like to read it? Okay, here’s a PDF of Beth.


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