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The Yorkshire Post interview – January 2017

The Yorkshire Post recently contacted me, and asked if I’d be up for an interview, maybe take a few pictures too. I nearly fell off my chair! I would have been honoured by a column-inch or two stuffed somewhere among the crosswords, but never did I expect a two-page spread. I think Neil Hudson, the reporter, did me proud. Here’s what he said.


If you’d like to see a PDF, please click this link: Page 1


If you’d like to see a PDF, please click this link: Page 2



  1. Darrell Bradley

    Well done Andrew, you deserve the recognition. Just started reading Ledston Luck here in South Africa and I am really enjoying it.

    • Andy

      Hi Darrell! Wow, it’s great that Ledston Luck is travelling around the world. Thank you very much for your kind comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy Ledston Luck – it’s had some really great reviews. Let me know how you get along with it, would you? I’d be interested to hear. Take good care, Andrew.


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