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Of course, everything is perfect in the world of Roger Conniston. And now that I’m moving on to pastures new, I can forget all about him; I can safely turn the page in my Life Book, and continue onwards knowing that Rog is holding up well in the past and my job now is firmly fixed on the future.

But wait. I have a new review on Amazon; this one is for No More Tears. And it’s a good review, four stars. But it mentions typos. My jaw hit the desk. I dislike typos. Me and typos are not good friends.

Well, that’s it! The future will have to wait as I turn back the clock and dive into Conniston’s world again. And diving back fourteen years can be quite exhausting, let me tell you. Anyway, I began at page one in A Long Time Dead, and I worked my way diligently through Stealing Elgar, and ended at the last page of the epilogue in No More Tears just now, literally half an hour ago.

I think the books read better for it too. I guess you won’t really able to tell much of a difference (you’d need a before and after version anyway), but I have subtly shaved off a few of the sharp edges to all three books, and I’ve, hopefully, spotted and slaughtered the last of the typos that seem to breed in each of the books.

So I hope that future readers of the trilogy will have a better experience – and for those who have an older version complete with errors, I offer you my sincere apologies.