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The Third Rule goes live!

After an inordinate amount of work by several people, The Third Rule has at last gone live on Amazon.

A small part of me wondered if it would ever happen; actually, that’s a lie. A large part of me wondered if it would ever happen. And now that it has, I breathe easier again. Well, not much easier because I still wonder if anyone will actually like the bloody thing.

I’ve had good feedback from readers so far, but TTR is an unwieldy beast and I still don’t know how it will be received by the public since it does tend to break with the rules of conformity. For a start, it’s one huge story divided into three books. Secondly, there are no lead-ins to books two and three; you’re pretty expected to pick up where you left off. And lastly, there are no resolutions to any plot or subplot at the ends of parts one and two – it has quite literally been divided into three parts. And for me it’s a big fear because it’s just not done.

I seem to have a penchant for doing things awkwardly.

But it’s there, it’s in the public domain and all I can do is sit back and wait to hear what people think of it. There have been several great reviews so far, and some wonderful comments on the forums that have allayed my fears somewhat and have successfully buoyed me up.

One big question remains… Now what?