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A Long Time Dead, Stealing Elgar, and No More Tears continue to do well on Amazon. I have pulled them out of Amazon Select and have decided to upload them to Smashwords to see if we can get them out to an even wider audience.

The Third Rule – Part One: Atrocities, The Third Rule – Part Two: Running Scared, and The Third Rule – Part Three: Sacrifices are now all on Amazon waiting, hopefully, to collect a handful of decent reviews.
So all that leaves a gaping hole in my life. Please, stop blubbing.

Of course, life without writing would be strange. It would however, free up a large chunk of time to pursue other activities. I am learning the guitar (badly and slowly), I enjoy walking, and I’ve always wanted to learn Italian. Oh and I have a reading list to catch up on that’s longer than I dare admit to. Not to mention the select pieces of television I’ve carefully put to one side for ‘when a free moment’ arrives. It’s arrived.

On with the next book it is then.

It features Eddie Collins, and it also will feature someone else who you might be surprised to see. And the plot is concerned primarily with bodies. Quite a lot of them actually. The only thing I can say with some degree of certainty is that we won’t be delving quite so deeply into Eddie’s mind as we did in The Third Rule for the simple reason that there’s no point treading old ground; we’ve seen how he reacts to the loss of loved ones (and he has no loved ones left anyway), so there’s nothing new to explore there. We will be going to some depth but possibly on a different floor, and into different rooms where he keeps a variety of previously unexplored emotions.

I’m hoping to stick this time to some semblance of conformity. No more massive books. I’m hoping the new one will end somewhere around the 100k word mark, and that it’ll end in such a way as to permit a series to grow. We shall see, these things have a habit of backfiring on me.