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The CSI Eddie Collins Series

The Third Rule

The Third Rule

Capital Punishment is back!

If the truth gets out, the government will fall. If it stays hidden, Eddie will die.

Beating an armed street robber creates a reluctant hero in CSI Eddie Collins. Ultimately it costs him his family. With his life in ruins, the only thing of value he has left – his freedom – is in danger when he’s accused of murdering a police colleague.

The Third Rule means death for Eddie and for a string of other innocent ‘killers’ too.

But Eddie and his alcoholic friend, Mick – a journalist with one big story left to tell – refuse to die without a fight. And that fight involves finding the evidence and the shocking truth behind The Rules and the justice minister who created them.

Alongside a hunter brought in to track them and kill them is a detective who loves the idea of slaughtering criminals – even if they’re not guilty. The chase is on.

4.5 rating on Amazon  – read reviews here

“A gripping and moving masterpiece.”

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Black by Rose

Black by Rose

Black by Rose is the key to it all.

In a rage, CSI Eddie Collins leaves a murder scene, triggering a series of life changing events; but not only for him.

Operation Domino is the Major Crime Unit’s investigation into gang boss, Slade Crosby, and the killing of an undercover officer. But when Eddie finds a gangland victim dead in his house, he confronts Crosby and instantly wishes he hadn’t. There is a gun at his head. And no way out. Even the MCU cannot save him.

Tampered evidence halts Domino’s progress, and with Eddie out of the way, Crosby is in the clear.

How can Eddie escape death and nail Crosby before the killing starts again?

4.8 rating on Amazon  – read reviews here

“A gripping and moving masterpiece.”

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Sword of Damocles

Sword of Damocles

When the remains of a woman are found in a burnt-out car, Eddie Collins reluctantly teams up with his enemy, DI Benson, to untangle the knot of lies behind this apparent suicide.

In the midst of all this, Eddie’s life grows more complicated by the day; his perfect relationship is suffocating him. As a CSI in the Major Crime Unit, he is also being forced to accept a promotion that he doesn’t want, leading a team that he can’t control or tolerate.

Acting against orders, Eddie goes up against a killer who is determined that his thirty-year-old secret remains hidden at all costs.

There’s one more killing to come, has Eddie got the skills to prevent it?

4.9 rating on Amazon  – read reviews here

“My mouth was hanging open on the last page.”

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Ledston Luck

Ledston Luck

They say you can always trust a copper. They’re lying.

They lied thirty years ago and they’re still lying today.

A booby-trapped body in a long-abandoned chapel. A scene examination that goes horribly wrong. CSI Eddie Collins and DI Benson are injured and one of the team killed. Eddie is heartbroken and guilt-ridden. And angry.

If you like fast-paced crime thrillers with a forensic slant, raw emotions, and characters that reach out of the book and grab you by the throat, you’ll love Andrew Barrett’s Eddie Collins series.

To experience Eddie’s battle to uncover the lies they told, buy Ledston Luck today.

4.9 rating on Amazon  – read reviews here

If you only read one novel this year make sure it’s this one.”

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The Death of Jessica Ripley

Sometimes you can’t forgive and forget.

Jessica Ripley didn’t kill her ex-husband. But everyone thinks she did. After serving twelve years for his murder, it’s time to get her own back on those who put her inside.

During those twelve years, Jessy’s son, Michael, has turned against her. Whatever mercy Jessy had for her intended victims, has gone.

CSI Eddie Collins is having a hard time watching his father enjoying life. He’s also having it tough in the form of two new recruits to his office. One is off his tree on drugs and the other wants his job.

And then the murders begin.

Can Eddie trust the evidence, or is someone out to get even? And who did kill Jessy’s ex?

4.9 rating on Amazon – read reviews here

You don’t want to miss this!

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