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The CSI Eddie Collins Series

The Third Rule

The Pain of Strangers

If you knew who’d robbed an old man of everything he owned, would you get it back for him?

In 1987, Norton Bailey became known as the Madman of Mabgate. A damaged person in a position of power, he built a machine to take care of his problems and used money as bait.

CSI Eddie Collins is feeling alone and adrift. Even work is unreliable and tense, and brings conflict with bad people. One damaged person in particular seeks to choose how Eddie, and the victims he tries to protect, will die.

Is there still no hope for the innocent?

Forensic evidence has always lit up the way, but now the light shines dimly. It’s just bright enough to illuminate the fight of Eddie’s life.

“If you’re a fan of crime thrillers, beware, this book will drag you in and keep you hostage until the very last page.”

4.3 rating on Amazon  – read reviews here

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“Blood, gristle and dour Yorkshire humour infused with a twist of shock and horror. This book should have a cocktail named after it.”

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The Third Rule

Black by Rose

Crime Scene Investigator, Eddie Collins, always did the right thing – only this time it could kill him. 

Eddie knew there was something out of place. It was a double murder but rigged to look like a murder-suicide, and it was high-profile enough for the Major Crime Unit (MCU) to recruit him.

But that’s when Eddie’s problems really began.

Slade Crosby’s vile gang, murder, rape, and rob their way around the city. The MCU have been trying to bring down the whole family for years, but Slade always wriggled free – growing stronger, further out of reach.

When Eddie finds a victim dead, he takes things to a dangerous new level, and discovers why Slade is always one step ahead. Someone is prepared to sell-out undercover officers, prepared to kill Eddie Collins too, just to stay away from their own past.

With a gun at his head, Eddie must find a way to survive, and then go after Slade and his accomplice. Time is running out, and if he fails, his will be the first of many funerals.

4.6 rating on Amazon  – read reviews here

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“An engrossing and terrific thriller!”

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Sword of Damocles

Sword of Damocles

Crime Scene Investigator, Eddie Collins, finds himself suspended from duty – not for breaking the rules, but for smashing them to pieces.

It looked like a straightforward burn-out with a dead body in the driver’s seat. CSI Eddie Collins finds out that this apparent suicide isn’t a suicide at all. And the deeper he digs, the more twisted this case becomes.

Eddie’s attention is focused on the victim’s husband, a curious man who seemingly has nothing to gain from his wife’s death. Only when he teams up with DI Benson do they make headway, determining that the motive for the killing is buried in the past.

But there’s more to it than anyone could have suspected, another layer – a mysterious stranger, a kidnapping, and a murder that has its roots in the 1970s – details of which are extremely sensitive, but ignored by Eddie as he relentlessly pursues the killer in a race towards his final victim.

Even Eddie makes mistakes, and he has no idea of the danger waiting for him as the heart-breaking climax approaches.

Some things are scarier than dead bodies.

4.6 rating on Amazon  – read reviews here

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“My mouth was hanging open on the last page.”

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Ledston Luck

Ledston Luck

They say you can always trust a copper. They’re lying.
They lied thirty years ago and they’re still lying today.

When two teenagers go missing near an old mining village called Ledston Luck, an investigation uncovers more than a community crippled by injustice and secrets. It uncovers a dead body in a long-abandoned chapel.

Crime Scene Investigator, Eddie Collins, heads a scene examination that goes horribly wrong. The body is booby-trapped, and one of the team killed. Eddie is heartbroken and furious and is determined to find the truth Ledston Luck is hiding.

His determination brings him into violent conflict with the Professional Standards Department, and leaves him removed from duty, with public opinion and his boss against him.

Eddie goes it alone and discovers there are more killings to come, payback for horrific crimes that are decades old, but still raw. But before he can warn the victims, he discovers something else – he’s in the killer’s trap with a shotgun at his head.

4.6 rating on Amazon  – read reviews here

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“If you only read one novel this year make sure it’s this one.”

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The Death of Jessica Ripley

If you had to rely on the evidence, what would you do if that evidence was wrong?

Jessica Ripley didn’t kill her ex-husband. But everyone thinks she did. After serving twelve years for his murder, it’s time to get her own back on those who put her inside.

It isn’t long before she learns what it’s like to really murder someone. She’s becoming whole again, incrementally rebuilding herself by stealing the lives of those she blames for stealing hers.

But things aren’t always how they appear; sometimes old friends aren’t friends at all. Sometimes, it’s just business.

And sometimes the evidence lies.
Can CSI Eddie Collins trust the evidence, or is someone out to get even? And if Jessica didn’t kill her ex, who did?

4.7 rating on Amazon – read reviews here

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“You don’t want to miss this!”

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This Side of Death

This Side of Death. When the past comes back to hunt you.

Alex Sheridan believes the only way she can be free of her demons is to kill the men in her life.

She has a list, and CSI Eddie Collins is on it.

Death misses Eddie by inches, and Alex is locked away in Juniper Hill high-security hospital.

Everything is fine for Eddie until one day four years later, when Alex escapes. This time she’s better prepared.

The week that follows rupture Eddie’s life, and shatters the belief he had in his own past, leaving him wondering what really happened, and facing a stark choice: who to kill and who to save.

This Side of Death is the most revealing CSI Eddie Collins novel to date. Prepare to see inside his past and understand what makes him the angriest, most feared, and yet most respected CSI in England.

4.7 rating on Amazon – read reviews here

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“Guaranteed to thrill and chill – it’s the best of its genre you’ll read all year!”

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Death Warning

Would you break the rules to let a mother hold her daughter one last time?

A young male is brutally stabbed to death in a neglected yard, and the weather has already destroyed any potential forensic evidence before CSI Eddie Collins can get there. While at the scene he takes another call, this time he’s needed at a female suicide in a good part of Leeds. Eddie is stunned to find both deaths are connected.

There’s a lot of work for Eddie and his small team, and while they’re working to prove the case against the killer, the killer is busy in another part of town.

Join Eddie as he dives headfirst into this dark and thrilling crime investigation, where he faces tragedy and horror, and where he risks everything to find the truth before the killer finds him.

There are some characters that just resonate with you and they are Benson and Eddie in this superbly written novel.

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