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Just as we hit the third month of the year, I squeeze out my first blog of 2020. Doesn’t sound very glamorous that, does it. Hmmm.

This blog post is about learning. And how I don’t do it. In the last three months I’ve learned that I’m still no good at advertising my wares, and that no matter how often or how hard I smack my head against a brick wall, this knowledge will not suddenly become available to me. It also means that I get blood on the wallpaper and the wife gets miffed at me.

But I do have a bit of good news. While I’m still terrible at promoting my books, I’m doing okay with writing them. The latest CSI Eddie Collins novel – tentatively entitled Juniper Hill is finished. No, no, wait, that’s wrong. I have written the first draft, that’s all. That means I’ve got 90k words ready and lined up to put in a different order. Sigh.

A New Release

This is good, though. Listen, I began with a blank page 27th September 2019. I now have a truckload of words only five months later – exactly five months later: 27th February 2020 to be precise. And those five months were comprehensively interrupted by Christmas and by launching the SOCO Roger Conniston books as a box set called The Dead Trilogy. Good, eh?

But there’s more!

Have you heard of a lass called Emma Mitchell? Yes, you’re right, she’s an editor, but she’s also responsible for putting together an anthology of short stories by some stunning authors, and then flogging them under the title, When Stars Will Shine: Helping Our Heroes One Page At A Time, and giving the proceeds to Help the Heroes. So, all in all, a very charitable lady.

Why am I telling you about this? Good question. After the success of the first anthology, Emma is putting together another one. And I’ve written a short story as a contribution. I was given a maximum word count of 5000. And after the first draft I had 5555 (true!), I had to get the red pen out. But guess what? It’s now at 5000 precisely.

Novel Ideas

Nope, it’s not a CSI Eddie Collins short story. I don’t think it could be further form that, actually. It’s called The Magic Roundabout, and it’s all about what happens when… um, no, can’t tell you, sorry. I think the new anthology comes out in June, so I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you more nearer the time – probably in my next quarter’s blog post!

I was looking through a folder I keep on my computer called Novel Ideas – it’s where I keep my ideas… for erm… novels. And it in was one entitled Theatre of Consequence, and I quite liked the sound of it. This idea was born around 2014 but was destined to be a full-length novel. But then something a bit sneaky crept into my mind (they’re apt to do this, beware!) about a woman who… wait, no, you nearly tricked it out of me then! Emma will batter me!

Okay, so you want to know what’s next? The short answer is: loads, actually. Did I ever tell you how much I loved writing? Well, I love writing. I love disappearing through some loft hatch and into another world. I enjoy it so much that, aside from family time, I’d rather do it than anything else.

Back to the keyboard

Once I’ve nailed Juniper Hill, I’ll be working on the next CSI Eddie Collins short story. When it’s done I’ll consider releasing them as a collection (or I might wait until I have six, don’t know yet). And I have another stand-alone thriller in mind that I am absolutely itching to write.

This was a fairly short and very sweet blog post today, so please forgive me. I’ll try to do better next time. I’m going to begin the edits for Juniper Hill as soon as I’ve posted this.

Stay safe.




  1. Jude

    Always appreciate your taking time to share with your readers. A great way to keep us salivating for your next novel. Keep safe and healthly during this COVID-19 business.

    • Andy

      Hi Jude, it’s my pleasure! And it won’t be long before the next novel is available – I’m planning on August, with a pre-order from July, so not too long to wait. Also, the next novella is ready to roll – more news on both to follow.

  2. Annie

    Andy please just keep on writing and we will keep reading everything you produce! Your books are just so well written and a pleasure to read.

    • Andy

      Hi Annie, thanks very much for your kind words. Your support means so much to me! And you can bet I’ll keep on writing 🙂

  3. Judith Baxter

    So. much happening. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to keep us up to date. As always, really looking forward to whatever masterpiece you come up with next.

    • Andy

      Hi Judith, you’re always very kind, thanks so much for your support – I really do appreciate it.

  4. Martin Ekert

    Dear god man you’re such a big tease! Lol. I’ve heard of giving juicy titbits out but you’re titbits are so small! But I’m obviously still very intrigued haha.
    Congratulations though on getting so much writing of the words thingy done too. With Christmas and work and family time you have really done well to get anything written!? Lol.
    I am really jealous of your talent and wish I could have a mere slice of it. I have had a couple of ideas for novels in the back of my head for such a long time now…but just can’t get the next step rolling properly. Maybe one day I’ll have a lightning bolt of inspiration and get something down on paper/touchscreen?…maybe not?? Haha.
    Anyhoo!…take care good sir, and all the best for your future craftsmanship.

    • Andy

      Hi Martin, good to hear from you. Yes, apologies for the length of my teasers, keen not to give away too much. Don’t wait for inspiration or you’ll forever be one of those people who wish they’d written something. As King once said, amateurs wait for inspiration, the rest of us have to work at it (or something like that). Seriously, start writing today; the sooner you clear that first hurdle, the better. Wishing you the best of luck.

  5. Dawn Raker

    Andy I patiently wait for whatever you put out! Whether it be a blog or a book! I look forward to what ever it is!

    • Andy

      Hey Dawn, thank you! I’m delighted to learn you have patience. I’d be a lot quicker if I did this stuff full-time. Here’s hoping!


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