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Everyone should have a Kath.

I began Angel666 back in November 2012. I wrote two scenes that had been spinning around inside my head for the better part of a month. One was a cash-machine robbery, and the other was the… Oh dammit, I can’t say.

Anyway, once I’d written those scenes I thought the whole thing would simply drop in my lap. I was very wrong. I went through several possible stories that either would have ended being far too long and involved, or just ‘didn’t have legs’. I scrapped them, and was left with just those two scenes again.

Eventually I came up with a story in which they could be used, and had the faintest glimpse of a possible ending. So I went with it. The robbery scene ended up at chapter 23, the… other scene, was chapter 15. And the rest, as they say, kinda just fell out the keyboard all by itself. There’s another blog that describes better that particular process. Black by Rose blog

But this blog entry is dedicated to a special person called Kath Middleton.

If it wasn’t for her, Angel666 – or as it later became known, Black by Rose, might never have existed. She was the one who listened to my incessant rants and childish lip-stuck-out blubbing about not being able to fashion a story or create the subplot correctly, and she listened as I told her that this character was misbehaving or that character had died when they should be in the next scene.

And she was the single most important part of the whole book; the propulsion unit that finally granted it leave of earth’s orbit. Okay, she helped enormously.

And she continues to do so. She’s read Black by Rose three times. It hasn’t even been published yet. The amount work she has put into this book is astounding, and I just wanted to tell the world (all six of you!) how amazing I think she is.

Kath, thank you.
Black by Rose is especially for you.