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You’ll remember that I installed in my life a writing regime that was fair to the other important aspects of my life? No? Well, I gave up one evening, one morning and one full day to my writing. Have I stuck to it?

Erm, well no, not really. Of late I have plundered Sarah’s goodwill and have taken far more time than I should have. And I’ve done that because over the last few weeks I’ve been coming to the end of Sword of Damocles. And no matter who you are, if you enjoy writing, there’s nothing, including wild horses and cute babies, that can keep you from the final chapter or two.

And luckily for me, Sarah has been full of encouragement all the way.

So the time came (Mid-June) to let my new offering loose on a few very carefully chosen readers. And it’s with them now. Am I scared? Of course I am.

It’s not a long book by any standard, and weighs in at slim 80k words. And most of the remaining 15k went in during the final edit where I expanded the sub-plots, thought of an ending (I know!), and tied together all the loose bits that were left floating at the end of the first draft.

A good friend of mine made the cover for me, and I’m delighted with it. It does, I agree, look similar to Black by Rose, but that’s no bad thing really since I love that cover too.

Final artwork

Final artwork

So now what?

Well, good question indeed. I still have plenty to keep me busy, including making up for all the writing time I stole recently. I wrote a short last year entitled Any Old Iron. I might go back over that and see where it can be improved. Then again I might look into a new Eddie story.

Here’s a link to a recent blog about Sword of Damocles, and another linking to a piece in The Story Behind… section.