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I count my blessings every now and then, and one of them is a new writing regime I’ve installed in my rather haphazard lifestyle. It means that each week I can donate a morning, an evening, and a full day to what I love doing the most: writing.

Of course, there are other things mixed in with it too such as at last being able to reply to that post on my favourite forum, replying to British Gas, or even writing a blog post 🙂

I remember (only just) writing Black by Rose and the overwhelming sensation I recall is one of total immersion in the book to the point of saturation. I conceived, wrote, edited, and published that book in six months straight. I wasn’t far from being exhausted (enough with the tiny violins!). Doing it this way is sane. Doing it this way helps me breathe between chapters. I have chance to contemplate characters and their situations, design a plot instead of tripping over one. It’s much better, honestly.

And now, I’m almost at the 50,000 word barrier, and hope to smash that later this evening.

Eddie is wrestling with his conscience in the story just now. He’s done something very wrong, illegal actually, in order to find out the truth and help bring a villain to justice. And he’s about to be punished for it.

Alongside that main storyline, I’m drawing a parallel sub plot where he’s about to take revenge on another villain, but is smart enough to realise it would be unwise. But this villain cannot be allowed to get away with things, so the spaces between my writing times has allowed me to consider it quite thoroughly. Oh yes, he gets the ne’er-do-well, but not in the way you’d imagine. Good old Eddie.