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I am a very proud member of the Goodreads UK Amazon Kindle Forum. And they have recently put together a superb collection of forty-three short stories and poems written by thirty-one forum members, entitled A Splendid Salmagundi.

A definition of salmagundi: Salmagundi is used figuratively in modern English to mean a mixture or assortment of things.

I was lucky enough to have my short story included in the anthology too; and that makes me especially proud to rub shoulders with some wonderful authors and readers from Goodreads. My little offering is a tale called Charlotte and the Troll. It has nothing at all to do with crime scene investigation, so it makes quite a departure for me, from the things I usually write about. It was more to do with exploring the silly feeling circulating inside my grey mush as I searched for a tale to tell.

The troll was always hungry, and he was always poor. Being poor was a bad thing for a troll who was always hungry. However, he did like children. Especially with custard.

Charlotte and the Troll is the story of how a clumsy troll went from eating rats, to custard tarts, and then onto cakes. How he went from being penniless, to…

Along the way, he meets children who wish to pass beneath his bridge; and he always offers them the chance of freedom, if they, “Pay me, challenge me. Or die.”

You can get your copy of A Splendid Salmagundi here…