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Been sitting on my hands again?

Yes. And no.

Some people have been asking if there’s another book on the horizon, so I thought I’d cobble together a few words to explain the answer – which is, ‘slightly beyond the horizon, actually’.

Due out in the autumn is an anthology by some of the authors over at the Kindle Users Forum (, and I’ve been doing a little writing towards that. I’ve submitted two short stories, one is an Eddie Collins short called Beth’s Story where Eddie plays sidekick to a new-to-us CSI, and the other is called Shelley MandrakeShelley is an off-the-wall story, something I initially sub-titled No Rules Fiction, but eventually sub-titled Experimental Fiction.

It’s experimental in that all view-points are mixed together, first and third person are similarly mixed too. I love it – but be warned if you ever come to read it: read it slowly or you’ll have no idea what the hell’s going on.

Anything else?

Well, yes actually. I have begun another Eddie Collins novel. I said a few months ago after finishing Black by Rose that it might be the last we see of Eddie. I wasn’t lying to you; it could easily have been the last, but shucks, I like the guy, and there are still more stories to be told from his perspective, so it would be silly not to use him as the vehicle. I’m not very far into it; I haven’t planned anything – as usual – but it has the makings of something a bit special. More on that later.

In other news, The Third Rule joins A Long Time DeadStealing Elgar, and No More Tears on the real bookshelves. I’ve managed to cram all 260k words into 750 pages, and it’s a tight squeeze but the end result is wonderful. In the not too distant future, I hope to add Black by Rose to those shelves too.