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I’m not a good interviewee, I admit.

But I do enjoy the exchange, the sharing of knowledge; and I really do enjoy discovering things about myself as I search for a reasonable answer to an extraordinary question.

interviewer-150450_1280I never lie – not on purpose anyway. If I can’t answer a question then I bodyswerve it, simple as that. I do try to answer the question from an oblique angle sometimes, but that’s because I’ve unearthed it that way – breech I think they call it.

I have to say that I’m very grateful to those who would like to interview me and constantly wonder why they would want to. I’m just an Average Arsehole. Always have been and always will be. I often wonder if an interview of mine appearing on someone’s blog might not damage their reputation; certainly it couldn’t enhance it?

Anyway, where was I?

Too late, I forgot.

Oh yes, I remember now. I was interviewed recently by the lovely Katy of Katherine’s Corner fame. Here’s a link to the interview