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The Third Rule

CSI Eddie Collins – book 1

The Third Rule is an exciting and fascinating read in equal measure. The story is paced perfectly and layered in a way reminiscent to Stephen King novels. The characters have depth and realism some you root for and some you love to hate. The plot is Original and centres around a man struggling with a personal tragedy and hitting the self destruct button in the process. How this ties in with the reintroduction of capital punishment through the newly established government Rules is what makes the story so gripping and rich. The implication of the Third rule is terrifying.

Amazon review – 5-star

Black by Rose

CSI Eddie Collins book 2

A phenomenal read. As always with books by this author it had me holding my breath from start to finish and totally captivated me. Wow! what a thriller. Fast paced and full of action and suspense. Superb storytelling. Eddie Collins is a brilliant character created by a man who knows his stuff when it comes to forensics. One of my top reads this year. I was totally engrossed….and breathe.

Amazon review – 5-stars

Sword of Damocles

CSI Eddie Collins book 3

I should know what to expect from an Andrew Barrett Eddie Collins novel, thats not much sleep till its read as, just as with the previous two, you can’t put it down! Having now read six books by this author, I find it hard understanding why he isn’t more widely known, which surely can only be a matter of time. Ledston Luck is next on the list and if it is half as good as this, it will be excellent.

Amazon review – 5-stars

Ledston Luck

CSI Eddie Collins book 4

What a gritty and gruesome thriller! I’m in shock after reading this captivating crime novel with a twist. Meet Eddie Collins a foul-mouthed no-nonsense CSI with a heart of gold. He is not good at socialising and has trouble facing facts even when they stare him right in the face. However, in his work he is simply the best: he gets his teeth into a case and does not let go until the crime is solved.

Amazon review – 5-stars

The Death of jessica Ripley

CSI Eddie Collins book 5

This is an outstanding read.
Gritty, gripping, suspenseful and twists to keep you gripped to the thrilling end.
We have our wonderful lead the grumpy Eddie whom I love along with our wronged character Jessica.
The characters are wonderfully created and developed. So relatable and realistic.
The plot is so very well written with supriese and twists that just grabs you from the very start and doesn’t let go.
Highly recommend reading!!!

Amazon review – 5-stars