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I don’t usually blog about work directly. I like to keep this website and this blog more focused on writing and on the books themselves, but occasionally I drift towards something that makes my hackles rise. And here’s one: anti-police.

I saw a blog post by a police officer today (here it is: a-big-bad-policeman), and it brought home to me how many anti-police people there are out there in cloud cuckoo land. Most of those who are anti-police are so because it’s fashionable to be, not because they’ve had any direct contact with them. These people are ignorant sheep who think it’s cool to run with crowd. It isn’t.

And then there are those who are anti-police because they have had contact with them, and it’s probably not worked in their favour.

Over my nineteen years working for West Yorkshire Police, I’ve been in contact and worked closely with hundreds if not thousands of police officers from many divisions and departments. Hand on heart, I do not know of a single bad one among them. Sure, there are those who’ve annoyed me, but that would be true of people in general, and I’ve heard of two who’ve been corrupt (no longer serving). But almost without exception, all those officers have been extremely professional, tirelessly dedicated to their job, and very supportive towards victims and offenders.

Some of you reading this might call that ‘bollocks’, and you’re entitled to, but as I’ve said before, this is my blog, and I’m telling the truth. I am extremely proud to do the work I do, proud to work alongside some wonderful people, and proud to work for West Yorkshire Police. It is a superb organisation providing stunning service, which sadly most people will never really appreciate.

It’s a great pity that those in power and those who are just naturally anti-police can’t see the amazing work they carry out over extremely long shifts often without meal breaks, being forced to abandon home life plans and work overtime with no notice, perhaps helping the very people who hate them so much. There is to my knowledge no other group of people so unfairly treated by everyone else around them, but without whom society would convulse into anarchy within 24 hours. We are blessed.

I dedicated The Third Rule to them, and here it is:

For all police officers and staff throughout the country who do a sterling job under very great pressure; who are rarely thanked and often chastened, but who constantly watch our backs and can be counted on to protect us all with professionalism, integrity and compassion.