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Kath Middleton

Kath Middleton


Keen Kindle reader and ebook reviewer. Contributor to Beyond 100 Drabbles and Is It Her? Author of novels, novellas and short stories in varied genres

Sarah Hardy

Sarah Hardy


Hi I’m Sarah and I LOVE to read. Due to my love of reading I thought I would start my own blog so I could share my thoughts of all the books I read with other readers/bloggers/authors and publishers.

I read many genres of books, new and old. The only ones you may not find me reading many of are fantasy and sci fi as unfortunately they are not my cup of tea.

Now considered something of an expert on psychopaths, thanks to his extensive research and personal experience of people with this personality disorder, Will set up a popular website to help lay readers understand these destructive individuals and why their existence is so important to society in general. 

Caroline Vincent

Caroline Vincent


Ever since I can remember I have loved reading, from children’s books to adult’s and everything in between. In the library I always awed at those big shelves, overloaded with so many books in all those colours. They looked like magic to me, captivating and extremely interesting.

I remember going to the library and feeling like a child in magic wonderland. So many books, so much to choose from, the atmosphere, I loved it. At the age of 12, I discovered English books (native Dutch speaker/writer), the first were Agatha Christie’s mysteries.

Dame Agatha Christie has been my life companion ever since, she offers entertainment, brain exercise, insight into the hidden depths of mankind’s psychology and motives as well as adventurous surroundings. I love her characters and insights into human nature.

Reading is my passion and therefore I started this blog, after years of plunging into all sorts of books, from romantic to fiction, classics and literature, with detectives and mystery as my favourites. Must be the influence of Agatha Christie! My interests are widespread: from Agatha Christie to John Irving and the historic literature of Leo Tolstoy. There are many writers I love, like Thomas Hardy and Harry Mulish’s ‘Discovery of Heaven’: a favourite.

Reading feels like discovering new worlds, broadening my horizon and connecting to new characters and writers to love. I am happy to write about the books I have read, the thoughts and intentions of their authors. But I also want to explore books of authors yet unknown to me. As an ardent reader and enthusiastic book blogger, I strive to show my love for reading and my respect for the authors in the reviews I write. I simply love writing about books.

Sharon Bairden

Sharon Bairden


My name is Sharon. I am a Scottish Blogger with a particular interest and love of Scottish Crime Fiction.  I read daily and on average devour 2/3 books per week (more if time permits). In particular I love Crime/thrillers/police procedurals and especially Scottish Crime Fiction

I started my blog for a couple of reasons, I wanted somewhere to store my reviews and thoughts on the books that I love, I want to offer support to all the fantastic authors out there – reviews REALLY do make a difference, so whether it’s a one word review or a page please show your support for the work that all the authors put in to producing a product that gives us so much pleasure! and of course I want to spread the word about all the books I love – I want to make people read more!

And in my spare time I make myself up as a corpse and wrap myself in Crime Scene tape – but I’m not strange honest 😉

Claire Knight

Claire Knight

A Knight’s Reads

Hi I’m Claire and I love books…….  I’ve read for as long as I can remember, devouring books by Enid Blyton, Carolyn Keene, Tamora Pierce, Lois Lowry as a child.  As I’ve grown old, I’ve dabbled in other genres but my heart lies with crime fiction.  Police Procedurals, Psychological Thrillers, Crime Thrillers, Golden Age crime, I love them all!

I love discovering new authors but I also love going back to the comfort of favourite characters who I’ve come to know and love over the years.

I started reviewing a couple of years ago through GoodReads and Amazon before the awesome enthusiastic #Crimebookjunkie herself Noelle Holten invited me to be her guest reviewer and I have not looked back.  Reviewing with Noelle has allowed me to discover so many new authors and take part in some many amazing things such as author launch parties, book festivals, other bookish events.  I hope I can share some of these experiences with you through my blog!!



This is me.  My name is Jo.  I love books.  I review regularly for, but when I’m not reviewing there, you can find what I’m reading and doing here. I hope you enjoy.

Noelle Holten

Noelle Holten


My name is Noelle and I am in my 40’s. I am an avid reader and by that I mean I am never without a book! I am now an ex- Senior Probation Officer having recently left following 17+ years to try something new and exciting.  By night I read all things crime!! My fascination for books started at a young age and I truly feel withdrawal symptoms if I am unable to read for a few days hence the name #crimebookjunkie! I am interested in many genres, my faves being Grit Lit, psychological thrillers and all things murder. I do enjoy Police Procedurals and legal/action thrillers as well. I tend to keep away from Chick Lit and Erotica…however, if forced at gun point I may give just about anything a read. I tend to review on Goodreads, Amazon UK and .com, Netgalley, sometimes BookBridgr and share reviews on Twitter/My CBJ facebook page, Facebook via Crime Fiction Addict, Crime Book Club, Book Connectors and other various book clubs I am a member of. I have been fortunate enough to be put on a few Publishers reviewing lists.

Oh..and I am obsessed with my chocolate Lab Buster and gorgeous Tabby cat Pebbles, who sadly passed away in Oct 2015 (RIP Pebs x). I previously had the pleasure of guest reviewing on the former site now known as  BCBandMore as the lovely Kat had kindly taken me under her wing whilst my site was under construction. I miss reviewing for her…but thrilled she gave me that nudge! 😉

Here are some pics of my other two obsessions.  Meet Buster (my gorgeous, big nosed, loveable 9 years old chocolate lab) & Pebbles (aka “Pebs” the slightly psychotic 17 year old princess tabby who sadly passed away 25/10/2015)

Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan


I’m Amy, a busy wife and stay at home mom to three kids who is passionate about reading. Diving into a new novel is one of my favorite ways to escape from reality. Gossiping about novels is my obsession. Whether it’s a book I read in the past, or a upcoming new release from one of my favorite authors, I am always ready to discuss all things book related.

Jessica's Reading Room (with Kim)

Jessica's Reading Room (with Kim)

Jessica’s Reading Room


My name is Jessica and I live in Georgia. I am married and we have two precious cat furbabies named Sage and Curry. They were adopted from a local animal shelter.

I’ve been actively reading and keeping track of the books I have read since 2009. More recently I started writing reviews for Goodreads and Amazon. I wanted to expand that and the result is this website! The reviews posted are 100% my honest opinions.

I don’t read one particular genre. If I am interested in it I will read it, and I will read most genres.


Kim is the second reviewer for Jessica’s Reading Room:

My name is Kim and I live in Jacksonville, NC. My husband is a Physician Assistant and we have a sweet kitty cat, named Joad Christopher.

I’ve been reading my whole life, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I started taking reading seriously. I discovered Goodreads, I started keeping track of the books I’d read, and I listed out my current reads for my students that I was teaching at the time. I started picturing and reviewing my books on Instagram back in January, along with posting monthly book hauls. Not gonna lie, Instagram is my new favorite!

I read most genres within fiction, though I do throw in an occasional history book. I read mostly physical books, but I’m constantly listening to audiobooks whenever I’m in the car.

Simon Leonard

Simon Leonard



Within this blog I will be reviewing all the books I read and also interviewing authors when they have book launches. I am also involved in lots of Blog tours for various Publishers and Independent authors so if you are looking for an honest review of a new book then look no further.  Also if you are a Blog Tour organiser then get in contact and I will see what I can do for you.

If you are an author who has a book released soon tell when it is and if you want to appear in my meet the author section then contact me and I will try include it.

I am also featuring in blog tours to promote new books from various publishers.

All of my reviews are honest and impartial.

Rachel Broughton

Rachel Broughton

Rae Reads

My name is Rachel or if you like you can call me Rae, I’m married with two children both under 5 years old and they definitely keep me busy! They both love to sit and look at books with me and they already seem to share my passion for books, yay!

From a young age I have always loved reading and I guess I have my mum to thank for that. She was always buying me books or we would visit the library together. Then she would take the time to sit and read either to me or with me. So I naturally became a bookworm…

I also have to admit to having a weakness for biscuits, cakes and crisps but I do find it hard to snack while I read. So reading helps keep me healthy in a roundabout way! 

I read pretty much all formats paperbacks, hardbacks and ebooks.
My favourite genres are romance, mystery, historical fiction & thrillers but I have been known to read the occasional fantasy & horror (not too scary)

I also like to read with my children so I do review books for 0-5 years.

Romance wise I have a weakness for historical romance but to be honest contemporary romance is something I probably read most often.

Susan Hampson

Susan Hampson


My name is Susan Hampson but friends call me Sue so I hope that is the name you will know me by.

I have always had a love of reading but it did escalate once I was bought a kindle. I read and listen to about 4 or 5 books per week but it is only over this last 18 months that I have realised how important reviewing is to other fellow readers and to authors. I believe over time that my reviews have improved same as anything else you do regular. If I like an author’s books I tend to buy everything they write, I never use unlimited on Amazon as I am a keeper of books and would hate to return them. I always respect that an author has spent months and months to produce a novel and I won’t after just taking a night to read it put up a terrible review. I would contact an author or publisher and say this novel isn’t for me. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it but I have chosen badly.

I am not perfect, I never have been.  I’m the one as a child that always walked into lamp posts and fell over. Mum tried to help and used to put me plasters on my knees before I went out to save me the trouble of coming back in.  I have 5 grown up children and nine grandchildren all which seem to have taken after me bless ’em to the extent that they have set up a joint chat page called Mum’s bad Genes!

I love reading, I always have but my punctuation and grammar aren’t the best but I do know a good book when I read it. That is what I review on the story.

I do reviews on Amazon UK,, Goodreads, NetGalley, Twitter with links to the publisher and author and for independent authors.

I love lots of genres Criminal Procedural, Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, Romance, Erotica and Fantasy. I do like variety. Feel free to contact me for further information anytime on email:

Kate Noble

Kate Noble


A book addiction would be a kind way to describe my relationship with books, I enjoy reading and have done from an early age.  A day I don’t get any reading done is a sad day. 

That said, I do have a toddler and two dogs, so they tend to take up some of my reading time but I like a challenge.  I’ve been known to knit whilst my Kindle is perched next to me, where there’s a will there’s a way!

I decided to start blogging about books and reading as well as random musings because I wanted to share my love of a good book with others.  I enjoy reading other blogs and reviews of books too, if you have a blog or review you want to share please get in touch!  

My favourite books to read are crime, thrillers, mystery and police procedurals, but I do like to change pace and read something completely different now and again, sometimes contemporary fiction provides a little light relief.

Please bear in mind that this blog is a work in progress, it should hopefully improve as time goes on and I work out what I’m trying to do, so patience is much appreciated.  This blog is a hobby, reading is a passion and not something I do full time (I am a mother and wife and these take priority).

Donna Maguire

Donna Maguire


I am an avid reader and I read hundreds of books each year.  I started to review books sent to me through NetGalley in January 2015 and I have been lucky enough to review some amazing books.  I have recently sent back my 1400th review through them!

I am a keen reader having rated just over 2500 books and reviewed  over 1400 books on Goodreads since joining them as a member.  To give you an idea of my reading numbers…  In 2014 I read 507 books, in 2015 I read 631 books and in 2016 I read 513 books, I’m currently on maternity leave and filling my spare time with reading when my daughter, Ava is asleep!  At the end of September 2017 I had read my 433rd book of the year!

I am a massive fan of crime, suspense, romance, chick lit, psychological thrillers and mystery books but my heart lies truly with historical fiction, and non fiction.  This is what really got me in to read all those years ago.  I am happy to take requests to review books from all genres along with indie and self-published authors too.

If you would like me to consider reviewing a book, please drop me a line at and I will be happy to take a look, please note I do take part in a lot of blog tours so I may not be able to fit it in straight away – you can also find me on Twitter @dmmaguire391 and at

Jessicamap Reviews

Jessicamap Reviews


Well hello there everyone! Let me give a quick introduction.

I’m coming at you from the middle of nowhere, up north Minnesota. Sounds fun, right? I’m here with my boyfriend (of almost 5 years) and our two monsters – chocolate labs – Watson and Ellie. I’m an avid horror fan and Constant Reader. If I need something on in the background when I’m home alone, it’s usually a horror movie – my latest marathon is the rotation of the Scream movies.

After having a Bookstagram account for just over a year, I decided that with all of my recent reviewing, a blog seems like the next best step! I’m one of the three co-creators for #CJSReads2017 and it’s been so much fun reading along with my readers in crime ( @wherethereadergrows and @cluesandreviews ) Love you ladies!

What exactly will you see here? Books. Reviews about books. A random chocolate lab. Then some of the awesome subscription boxes and other bookish things.

Let’s get this thing started!

Caroline Maston

Caroline Maston


Caroline Maston is mad about books. She’s an incredible supporter of indie authors, fights for them, and blogs about them and their books. Caroline is a very active member of the UKCBC (UK Crime Book Club) on Facebook – also highly recommended.

Colman Keane

Colman Keane

Crime fiction reader and blogger at Col’s Criminal Library

Neats Wilson

Neats Wilson


I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I’ve decided that it’s about time I told you all a little bit about the person behind the blog and introduced myself properly.

My name is Neats and I live in Hampshire in the UK with my book loving husband and my little tiel Tufty. I’ve been a bookworm ever since I could read and I’ve got happy memories of going to the library with my nan and maxing out my library card! 

Fast forward a few years (more than I care to think about) and I was still reading lots of books but finding that I was duplicating books due to the covers changing because of a film being made – which is a big pet peeve of mine, but also because I couldn’t always remember if it was a book I’d already read. I came up with various different ways of trying to keep track of my reading and then I found Goodreads. Initially that was all I used it for but then because of social media and various online bookclubs I started to find out more about the book world including how much reviews meant to authors. That’s when I toyed with the idea of starting a blog, not only to share reviews of books but as a way of connecting with other bookish people as not many of my friends understood my book obsession.

So on the 10th of May 2015 I tentatively put up my first ever blog post and I haven’t looked back! People seem to have a misconception that bookworms are solitary creatures but they don’t realise that we’re a very sociable bunch of amazing people!

When I’m not curled up with a book and either a cup of coffee and some biscuits or a glass of wine and some chocolate (plain or milk not white!) I like to binge watch Netflix, while away a few hours on Pinterest finding new pachyderm pictures amongst other things or watching rugby and tennis.

You might be wondering how my blog name came about so I’ll share that with you while I’m here. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a love of pachyderms – and you might have picked up on that just now when I mentioned pinterest – which began when I was a little girl and fell in love with George the hippo on Rainbow. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of hippo’s in one form or another and my obsession then began to include elephants and rhino’s as well. I’ve been lucky enough to walk with elephants at a sanctuary, meet and have tea with Jessica the house hippo and see two truly beautiful rhino’s in the wild. All of this happened on a once in a lifetime road trip across the nine provinces of South Africa several years ago with friends who live there. It’s a place that I’ve come to love and enjoy reading books about and somewhere I hope to visit again one day. So I knew I wanted something hippo related and decided that as my reading tastes are quite eclectic I wanted something to reflect that so I chose haphazard but decided to amend it slightly and so The Haphazardous Hippo was born.

So there you have it, a little insight into the person behind the blog. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

                                                            Neats x

Dash Fan

Dash Fan

Dash Fan Book Reviews

I adore reading. I love nothing better than getting lost inside a book, whether it be sizzling scenes of Passion and Romance, or nail biting, spine tingling thrillers to laughing so hard I’m in tears of laughter!  
I have Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis amongst other disabilities and Reading helps a tiny bit to escape my Rheumatoid arthritis,chronic pain and disability.
I  love discovering new books via Netgalley, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon. 
I love writing reviews for the books I have read, because I want to share my thoughts and feelings and in doing so inspire others to maybe give something new a try. 
I Enjoy Thrillers, Rom Coms, Chick Lit, Romance, Historical Fiction, Psychological Thrillers,Mystery and Crime, Regency Romance, YA, Womens Fiction, All Baking & Cookbooks. 
My Blog is still fairly new, But I have discovered some amazing books and Authors through the Blog Tours and Cover Reveals I have had the pleasure of taking part in.  
My other passion is baking. 
There is nothing better then finishing a bake and then seeing that person’s face light up with joy!

Grace J Smith

Grace J Smith


Hi, my name is Grace but my online presence is Reviewerlady – sometimes Grace J. Reviewerlady.

I can be found on Goodreads, Twitter & Facebook, and you can see my Amazon reviews here.

Ever since learning to read I have always had a book on the go. I am in early retirement due to health issues and thanks to e-books I can continue with my favourite pastime. I am married with adult children and grandchildren. I love my labradors who encourage me to struggle out of bed each morning!

I read every day and wouldn’t dream of laying my  head on my pillow without first reading a few pages. I have enjoyed so many great novels by truly talented authors that it seems only fair to return the favour by writing and sharing my reviews. I am always honest in what I write, but not unkind.

I hope to widen the scope of this blog as time goes on but, for now, I hope you enjoy being here.


Liz Murray

Liz Murray

Turn The Page

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